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An App That Might Save Your Life

Most people do not discover serious problems with their cars until the problems cause an accident or someone else does and they hear about it on the news. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) now brings that information straight to your cell phone.

Earlier this year, NHTSA introduced the SaferCar app as a means to provide consumers with important safety information. Available free from iTunes, the app can be used on an iPhone or iPad.  The app is also available for Android.

Consider these features available on the app:

  • Recall information: When you register your vehicle on the app, you receive safety information and updates about the model car you registered, so there is no need to wonder if others who drive the same car are experiencing any problems you have with your car.  The app lets you know when a defect is identified or a recall is initiated. If you have a complaint about your car, the app gives you an easy way to let others know.
  • Ratings: When searching for a car to buy, lease or rent, look to the app for access to the NHTSA five-star rating system, which allows you to compare safety measures across models.
  • Safety headlines: If NHTSA reveals big news, you can find out about it first.
  • Car seats: Car seats are sometimes difficult to install. Get instructions from NHTSA or learn about the closest facility in your area that can give you a hand with installation. 

Consider downloading the app to stay ahead of recalls that could cause an accident. In this case, what you do not know can hurt you. If you’ve already been hurt in a car accident, contact the Law Offices of John E. Hill for a consultation to discuss your options for recovery.

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