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How do OSHA Violations Factor Into Construction Accident Cases?

In construction site accidents, safety violations are often involved. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) oversees the enforcement of occupational safety (OSHA) regulations in California as part of its investigation of workplace accidents in California.  

Construction workers' rights to file injury claims 

Your right as a construction worker to recover compensation from a third party in a construction accident case directly relates to any negligence by the responsible parties. Although you generally cannot sue your own employer for a job related injury, you may be able to sue others responsible for your injury while you collect workers compensation benefits from your employer. 

Safety violations and fatal accidents 

There is no doubt that safety violations can create dangerous conditions and result in fatal accidents. For example, the California Department of Industrial Relations reported on a case involving a carpenter working at a construction site who died when an excavation wall collapsed. The construction company was investigated by Cal/OSHA and cited for numerous safety violations, including ignoring  a stop‑work order issued due to unstable ground resulting from excess rainfall. The excavation wall lacked the soil support system required by Cal/OSHA under trenching and excavation regulations, and the company also had not obtained a required permit for the work.  

To ensure you receive all the benefits to which you may be entitled when you have been involved in a San Francisco Bay Area construction accident, you should seek legal help with a review of all the factors that contributed to your being injured.  

The Law Offices of John E. Hill has more than 30 years of experience helping injury victims receive fair compensation for injuries in these situations.  

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