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Premises Liability Claims Against a Government Agency in California

If you have suffered an injury while you were on public property, you may wonder if you can sue the government. Many people think it’s impossible to sue a governmental entity because of governmental immunity. However, although special rules do apply, you can bring a premises liability claim against a government agency in certain cases.

Premises Liability on Public Property

A member of the public can hold a government agency responsible if a person sustained an injury on public premises. Such victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Some of the more common premises liability claims against government agencies include:

  • Pedestrian injuries at construction sites on public property
  • Injuries while riding a public bus
  • Inadequate lighting of public spaces
  • Poorly maintained stairways and railings
  • Swimming pool, public parks and recreation area injuries

How to file a claim against a government entity in California

According to the California Tort Claims Act, an individual injured on public property must present a claim with each responsible government agency within six months of the injury. It is important to be certain that your claim is presented to the correct entity, be it the governing board, clerk, or other designated representative, by mail or in person. A claim against a state agency must be delivered to the state Board of Control.

A successful premises liability claim against a California government entity requires the knowledge and experience of a personal injury attorney who is familiar with the stringent requirements regarding the presentation of a claim and the subsequent litigation of an action against a government entity.  With the limited time available in which to bring a claim against a government entity, it is important to be guided by an attorney with years of experience handling these claims.  At the Law Offices of John E. Hill, we are prepared to put our more than 40 years of experience handling these actions to work on your behalf.

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