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The Danger of Saws

On the job or in the home, saws may be an essential construction tool, but they pose real danger to users.  According to the National Consumers League, about 40,000 people are injured each year in the United States in saw accidents. Approximately 4,000 of those injuries involve amputations. 

Saws are designed to cut materials. When the design or construction of a saw is faulty, however, serious injury can occur to a construction worker or home user.  The type, size and action of the saw blade can cause injuries ranging from superficial cuts to deep lacerations, broken bones and much more serious injuries.   

A significant number of saw injuries could be avoided each year with required installation of improved safety technology that is now available. As an example, one technology, called Saw Stop, disengages the engine and drops a table saw’s blade before a user can suffer serious injury. 

Despite the availability of safer designs, the routine installation of improved safety technology such as Saw Stop is not widespread among manufacturers of power tools.  Reasons for this may  include: 

  • Lack of regulation requiring power tools to be updated 
  • Manufacturers wishing to avoid the expense of redesigning tools to include added safety features 
  • Concerns on the part of manufacturers that updating their power tools would be viewed as an admission that their present design and manufacturing standards and practices are insufficient 

Accidents involving chain saws, table saws and circular saws cause injury, disability and expense each year.  When there are questions about whether a defect in a saw or other power tool caused an injury, experienced legal advice can help you find the answers.     

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