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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Clients Throughout Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area Since 1993

Help from knowledgeable, compassionate legal professionals when you suffer injury in Northern California

A serious injury can change your life in mere seconds. And when your injury could have been prevented, the effects are even more devastating. With your health, livelihood and ability to support your family compromised, obtaining the maximum compensation from all responsible parties is essential. At the Law Offices of John E. Hill, P.C., our attorneys provide comprehensive legal support to injured clients and their families. We draw upon decades of experience and offer skillful representation to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area after an injury.

Handling a wide range of personal injury matters

Focused on improving your life and safeguarding your future after injury, our lawyers work to support you and handle your claim through skilled negotiation and meticulous litigation. We handle all types of personal injury cases, including the following: 

  • Car accidents — According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, traffic fatalities increased 1.5 percent in our state last year. Impaired and distracted drivers play a significant role in auto accident injury and death in Northern California. We protect victims’ rights and pursue compensation for those injured by negligent motorists.
  • Slip and fall accidents — Falls are a leading cause of head and spinal cord injuries. When you are injured on a property due to unsafe premises conditions, our attorneys seek fair and reasonable compensation on your behalf.
  • Construction site accidents — The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that construction accidents account for one in five worker deaths. Negligence and inadequate safety procedures frequently cause mishaps that take lives or cause victims permanent disability. We take rapid action and use effective strategies when representing victims of serious injury on a construction site
  • Products liability — From cars to household appliances, consumers trust that the products they use are safe. When products are poorly designed, shoddily manufactured, or marketed or distributed without proper warnings, serious injuries can result. If a defective product injures you, we investigate the details thoroughly to help you obtain full compensation from all responsible parties.
  • Intentional torts — A tort is an act committed by one party against another that causes injury or damage. Most torts occur because of negligence or mistakes. But sometimes an act against another person is intentional. Intentional torts, such as defamation and fraud, do not have to cause physical injury to result in damages to the victim, such as financial losses, a ruined reputation or property damage. However, intent must be proven to achieve success in this type of claim. We use effective legal strategies to help you obtain financial consideration for these losses.
  • Medical NegligenceWhen medical care you have received fails to meet the standard of care and you suffer injury as a result, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries.  We have attorneys who are experienced in medical negligence cases who can help you determine whether it makes sense to proeed with a medical negligence action.       

Regardless of the type of personal injury you suffer, our legal team offers the skill, experience and resources you need to obtain the full compensation you deserve. Furthermore, we provide unflinching emotional support as you and your family deal with the effects of a serious injury.

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When you are injured, take advantage of our free initial consultation and speak with a skilled attorney about your case. The Law Offices of John E. Hill offers flexible office hours. Contact our firm online or call 510.588.1000 today to learn more about our services. Hablamos español.