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Products Liability

Oakland Products Liability Attorneys Helping You Recover Compensation for an Injury

Understanding your rights after being harmed by a dangerous product

On the road, in your house and on the job, you use consumer products every day. Although defective products often make headlines due to recalls, you may not have thought that injury by a poorly made or marketed product could happen to you or a family member. But accidents happen and when you are a victim, you deserve compensation.

At the Law Offices of John E. Hill, P.C., in Oakland, our attorneys represent individuals and families injured by defective products. Providing valuable legal advice, our talented team of attorneys drives your case toward its best outcome — either a reasonable settlement achieved through successful negotiation efforts or a judgment following litigation.

Were you injured by using a defective product in Northern California?

At any step in the supply chain, errors can occur that render certain consumer products dangerous to humans.

Each month, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) posts notice of all recalled products that affect infants, adults and seniors. Unfortunately, recalls of dangerous products often occur only after one or more injuries or fatalities are reported.

When it comes to identifying dangerous products, California law recognizes the following types of defects:

  • Defect in design — If you use a product as instructed and are injured, it may have a design flaw. Poorly designed products are defective even when they are manufactured properly, so the defect usually affects the entire product line.
  • Manufacturing defect — A manufacturing defect sometimes affects only one or a few batches of a product or particular model. Despite sound design, the product is a danger to users upon leaving the shop or factory. Shoddy manufacturing may be a result of cost-cutting, lack of quality control, use of harmful materials or human error.
  • Inadequate warning — Sometimes a product is neither poorly designed nor improperly manufactured, yet consumers still suffer injuries when using it as directed. The product may be deemed defective due to a lack of warning about its danger or risks or the absence of directions for safe use.

When you or a loved one is seriously hurt by a harmful or dangerous product, our legal team helps you identify all responsible parties and pursue maximum compensation for the damages you suffered.

Contact our lawyers if you have been injured using a defective product in the San Francisco Bay Area

With decades of experience helping injured clients, the attorneys at the Law Offices of John E. Hill, P.C. provide effective legal representation in a wide range of cases. Contact our law firm online or call 510-588-1000 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your defective product injury claim with a skilled professional. Hablamos español.

  • "Intensely dedicated to getting the best results possible for me on several cases. John Hill tells you honestly and clearly the plusses and minuses of your case and makes sure you understand completely all options. He is completely professional and one of the most affable persons you will ever meet." - Dan Wilson

  • "They handled my case with no problem love how effective & efficient they were!" - Aja Jordan

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